Developed by a family, for families.

Billy is the brainchild of siblings, Melissa and Tim McDougall.

Their family were trying to support their grandfather’s wish to remain independent at home whilst factoring in their concerns. When researching products on the market, they could only find things that would alert them to an emergency. It was the mundane things they wanted to be made aware of which they didn’t want to burden him with. If there was a way they would know he had woken up, had his cup of tea and taken his daily medication, they would be reassured that he was okay.

Billy was the name of their grandfather’s trusty terrier, who they often felt knew more about how he was doing than they did. So, hey presto Billy, as we know it now, was born. 

Today, Billy is a less fluffy, less loud, and smaller type of support for families just like the McDougalls. 

“We set out to build something that could help people like our grandfather stay where they wanted to be – living independently at home for as long as possible whilst also giving their family peace of mind.”

– Tim McDougall, Billy Founder

Billy-ECH cobrand

An innovative partnership

ECH (Enabling Confidence at Home) is a leading not-for-profit provider of integrated retirement living accommodation and ageing care services in South Australia.

With a mission to enable older people to continue to living confidently and independently at home as they age ECH initially invested in Billy in 2018 before acquiring it fully in 2021.

ECH Chief Executive Dr David Panter is a long-time advocate and pioneer for the implementation of tailored technologies within the aged care industry.

“ECH is determined to make real change in the industry through the investment of technology. When used correctly, technology can create positive change, enabling and supporting people to remain living independently in their own homes. This is what we are seeing with Billy.”

– Dr. Panter 

Together, ECH and Billy hope to utilise technology to create a positive change in the lives of older people and their families.

Billy purchase options

All new users enjoy a free 2-month trial, after that time you have the option to either buy or rent your Billy kit.

Billy Kit Billy App
Rent Billy $10.00
Buy Billy $199.00
One off

What you will need at home

  • An internet connection.
  • An internet modem with a spot to plug in an ethernet cable.
  • A power point near your internet modem to plug in the hub.