Get Billy for just $60 per month.

No lock-in contracts. Yours for as long as you want it.

The Billy Kit

The Billy kit comes with 1 hub and 6 battery-operated sensors to track different activity types – temperature, movement, motion, and opening/closing doors.


1 Billy Kit + 3 months of service. $60 per month after initial 3 months.

System requirements: Billy requires a smart phone and an internet connection.

Is Billy right for you?

Whether getting older feels like you’re just entering your prime, or you’re conscious of needing more support these days, Billy can help. So which of these are you?

You love your home, but want to feel more confident living alone.

Billy can:

  • Tell you if your routine deviates from what’s normal for you, or if you miss any part of it.
  • Allow friends and family to see how you’re doing, through the app.

You feel pretty independent, but the kids just won’t keep off your back.

Billy can:

  • Reassure them that you’ve completed important daily activities, through the app.
  • Alert them if there are any out-of-the-ordinary changes to your routine.

You’re nearing retirement – you can just smell the freedom.

Billy can:

  • Provide you with long-term data that spots changes in your routine before you do.
  • Give doctors the long view of your health, well before any issues arise.

Ready to live life on your terms?