Billy helps to maintain independence and wellbeing

Did you know that 80% of older people would prefer to live in their own homes, yet only 20% do?

Billy exists to support older Australians and their families to feel more comfortable and confident with their decision to stay living at home. 

For retired people, Billy provides greater peace of mind that their families can see they are okay. 

For those worried about a family member or friend living home alone, Billy provides greater peace of mind knowing their loved one is going about their day just fine. In the instance that a daily activity doesn’t occur, Billy will alert the family via the app so someone can check in to make sure everything is okay. 

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Why Billy?

Protects your privacy and dignity

Protects your privacy and dignity

Billy allows a user to go about their daily life as normal without interference. There are no cameras or anything to wear and there is no need to actively engage with the product for it to work.

Strengthens your support network

Strengthens your support network

Users feel supported knowing that the people who care about them are aware that they’re doing okay. Families appreciate that they can all regularly check in without it being just one person’s responsibility.

Supports & encourages family interaction

Supports & encourages family interaction

Billy does not replace communication and contact with friends and family. It increases engagement and, in many cases, makes daily phone calls less inquisitive and more social.

Makes sure everything is okay

Makes sure everything is okay

Billy builds a pattern of a person’s daily routine so it can detect whether routine activities have occurred. If a daily activity has been missed then Billy alerts family members who can check in if required. 

What our clients say

Daughter Debbie Gillard and Trevor Barker Billy Client

Meet Trevor

Trevor has been using Billy since March 2020 and appreciates how the technology is enabling him to remain independent while providing peace of mind for his family.

Trevor, who lost his wife a few years ago, decided Billy was the right fit for him as it was able to fit Billy into his lifestyle with ease.

“I really enjoy my independence and like that Billy gives my family comfort knowing that I am continuing my daily routine at home.”

After working in the Army as an Engineer for nine years, Trevor values anything that helps him remain independent, so Billy has been a welcome device in his life.

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