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Meet Trevor & his daughter, Debbie

Trevor has been using Billy since March 2020 and appreciates how the technology is enabling him to remain independent while providing peace of mind for his family.

Trevor, who lost his wife a few years ago, decided Billy was the right fit for him as it was able to fit into his lifestyle with ease.

“I really enjoy my independence and like that Billy gives my family comfort knowing that I am continuing my daily routine at home.”

After working in the Army as an Engineer for nine years, Trevor values anything that helps him remain independent, so Billy has been a welcome device in his life.

“The sensors pick up my movements around my home and are not intrusive.

Trevor’s daughter Debbie checks the app regularly and says it allows her to check in on him and make sure he is okay.

“I find Billy the perfect addition to our family because I can see that my dad is moving around, and everything is fine, so I don’t have to worry,” says Debbie.

“Billy allows him to remain independent and gives me peace of mind that he is okay as I can’t always be there.”

Living on his own, Billy gives both Trevor and his family the confidence that he can continue living independently at home.

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What our clients say

Meet Anton

Anton has not let open heart surgery and his hip and shoulder replacements hinder his independence.

The 83-year-old, who lost his wife two years ago, had Billy installed in late 2020. The Billy sensors around his home have given peace of mind to both Anton and his family.

“I live on my own and still take care of most things around the house, so Billy gives me the confidence to continue living independently,” says Anton, who was born in Croatia and moved to Australia when he was 19.

Anton’s sons – Eddie and Tony, who live close by – have downloaded the Billy app on their phones which allows them to check on their father without intruding on his independence.

“It gives them peace of mind that I am okay and going about my daily activities,” says Anton, who also has a cleaner and gardener visit weekly.

Anton’s son Tony says he has found having Billy really helpful and that the technology is very easy to use.

“It’s really helpful. I wake up in the morning and see if my dad is up and about and I get notifications about any irregular movements,” says Tony.

“The app tells me where he is, at that moment, for example in the family room and tells me that he’s been there for a while.”

Tony says it’s a great device to consider if older people are becoming more immobile.

“It’s a great idea for families to support and ensure their loved ones are okay living independently.”

“My dad doesn’t even notice the sensors as they are so small and discreet. He’s very happy with it.”