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The Hardware.

The Billy kit consists of a hub and a series of battery-operated sensors. The sensors track different activity types – temperature, movement, motion, opening/closing doors –throughout the day and night and communicate that information wirelessly with the hub in real-time.

All the sensors are wireless and can be attached to walls and surfaces without causing any damage. The hub sits centrally in the home and plugs into a power point and your internet connection.

No tools are required to install the Billy kit – simply open the box, plug Billy in and the smartphone app will guide you through the set-up.

Sensor batteries are quick and easy to change. The Billy app will alert you when battery levels are getting low and remind you where the sensors are placed.

The Software.


The Billy smartphone app shares activity information and behavioral insights with family members and professional carers.

It provides an easy-to-digest snapshot of recent activity – checking the app twice a day takes only a few minutes – and notifications can be customized to give you a real-time alert on the activities that matter most.

Installing, managing and troubleshooting the Billy kit is quick and simple with the app. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to reposition sensors or change the batteries.

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