client using the Billy care smartphone app

Billy purchase options

All users enjoy that they have time to get to know Billy and how it fits into their lifestyle during their 2-month free trial. If Billy works for you and your family, simply hold on to the kit and after 2 months, your billing cycle will commence. If you find that Billy isn’t the right solution for you, that’s okay too, contact our team and arrange to have it sent back within your free trial period.

A lot of our users decide to rent if they only require Billy for the short term. Are you recovering from an injury and looking for some extra support? Renting Billy may be a great option for you.

Users choose to buy when they have identified that Billy is the right fit and gives them the level of confidence and support they need to continue to maintain an independent lifestyle. Sound like you? Perhaps buying the Billy kit is for you.

How Billy works

The Billy kit

The Billy kit includes everything you need to keep track of activities like meals, waking up, taking medications, moving about the house and coming and going.

3 motion sensors

These detect movement and are typically placed in the living room, hallway and bathroom, which indicates a person is moving around freely. They also measure the temperature in each of those rooms. 

3 multipurpose sensors

These will detect when things open and close. They are typically placed on the main entry door, the refrigerator and a medication container.

The hub

The sensors communicate wirelessly with the hub, which will need to be plugged into your internet modem with a physical ethernet cable provided.

Installing Billy

Installation is an easy DIY process. Once everything has been placed and connected, allow 10 days for Billy to learn your routine. 

Connect to the Billy app

The app allows for multiple users and provides 24/7 insights about the individual’s general wellbeing and alerts them to any behavioural changes.

Risk-free trial

Risk-free trial

Sign up and use Billy for free for the first 2 months.

Free shipping

Free shipping

All kits are posted and tracked with Australia Post.

Unlimited app accounts

Unlimited app accounts

As many people as you need can be connected to the Billy app.

No contracts

No contracts

There are no lock-in contracts, cancel anytime.

What's in the Box


Product Specifications

  • 1 hub
  • 3 multipurpose sensors
  • 3 motion sensors
  • Power and ethernet cables

You will need:

  1. An internet connection.
  2. An internet modem with a spot to plug in an ethernet cable. 
  3. A power point near your internet modem to plug in the hub.
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Brand Samsung
Power Source  240V 50Hz AC
Colour White
Connection type Zigbee, Ethernet
Batteries Included
Warranty  2 years