Billy tracks the occurrence of regular day-to-day activities.

Six smart sensors can be placed around the home to build a picture of daily activities.

Activity information is detected and shared with family and friends via the Billy app. The app will show whether routine activities have happened that day such as having breakfast and taking medication while also sending alerts if activities did not occur as expected.

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How Billy works

Billy provides greater peace of mind to families. It lets you know that your loved one is going about their day just fine. It means that when you phone later that day after work your phone calls are actually about how one another’s day was rather than inquiring, “did you take your medication? did you stretch your legs? did you have any troubles in the night?”

Billy was created by a family to help support their grandfather maintain his independence and stay living at home. Now, it is being used by families across Australia to do the same.

1. Getting started with Billy

Installation is an easy DIY process. The Billy sensors can be placed at key access points around the house as detailed in our set-up guide.

2. Connect to the Billy app

The app allows for multiple users and provides 24/7 insights about the individual’s general wellbeing and alerts them to any behavioural changes.

3. Billy learning stage

Allow 10 days for Billy to learn what a regular routine looks like. It will then begin to share insights and alerts where necessary through the app.

The Billy kit

The Billy kit includes everything you need to keep track of activities like meals, waking up, taking medications, moving about the house and coming and going.


3 motion sensors

These detect movement and are typically placed in the living room, hallway and bathroom, which indicates a person is moving around freely.

3 multipurpose sensors

These will detect when things open and close. They are typically placed on the main entry door, the refrigerator and a medication container.

The hub

The sensors communicate wirelessly with the hub, which will need to be plugged into your internet modem with a physical ethernet cable provided.

How to install the Billy Sensors

Watch this quick video on how to install the Billy kit, hub, sensors and set up the Billy app.

What our clients say

billy care users

Meet Trevor

Trevor has been using Billy since March 2020 and appreciates how the technology is enabling him to remain independent while providing peace of mind for his family.   

Trevor, who lost his wife a few years ago, decided Billy was the right fit for him as he was able to fit Billy into his lifestyle with ease.

“I really enjoy my independence and like that Billy gives my family comfort knowing that I am continuing my daily routine at home.”

After working in the Army as an Engineer for nine years, Trevor values anything that helps him remain independent, so Billy has been a welcome device in his life.

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